Who is Anita?

Anita’s Maid is my passion and life project. So let me tell you how I got here.

Most of my life I have worked in large multinationals. After a busy working week while taking care of the home and kids, the only spare time I had left to clean the house was at the weekend. However, it was the last thing I wanted to devote my remaining energy. I would rather enjoy my family and the people around me.

Therefore, throughout those years, I have learned to value what it means for someone to do it for me and, most importantly, the ease of mind when done by someone I trust.

After 4 years as an Office Manager in a cleaning company I realized that I had the strength, experience and drive to make it happen. Not just a company, but a life project. My professional and personal experience have taught me that offering a quality service to my clients and having a good work environment for my team are critical and what I want to achieve in anita’s maid.

So, I tied a client bandana to my head, grabbed a bucket of environmental awareness and put on a huge smile before starting this journey with the team as the key factor around which anita’s maid is built.

We are here to give your time back and give you a clean home, office and even community.

we are eco

We cannot clean the whole planet, but we can take care of it .

We commit to using 100% ecofriendly products and materials that do not contain harmful components, are biodegradable and have the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Conventional products will only be used when the eco alternative is not up to pair with our standards, and in this case, we will take the appropriate measures to recycle them along with the proper management of your waste.

We are committed to the continuous search of targeted actions aimed at reducing our environmental footprint.

We are time

Enjoy life, you deserve it.

Surely dusting, sweeping, sorting or scrubbing the floor are not part of your ideal Saturday “to do” list. Instead, I would bet that you would prefer to go out, read, play sports, go dancing, be with your family or with your friends. Right? Leave it with us to clean your home and go and enjoy life.


You complete us!

You and your family are more than clients, you are why we exist and your satisfaction is our primary objective. That is why quality, professionalism, respect and a smile are the pillars of the relationship we want to establish with you.

As part of our family, we want to recognize you with little threats on special occasions, such as a surprise or an invitation to one of our activities.

We are Community

We take care of our community as we take care of our home.

Personally, I realized that by sharing a part of what I have to those less fortunate than me fulfils me. For me, that is social commitment. Anita’s Maid could not be otherwise and is founded with the firm commitment to seek actions and activities to take care of our society in the same way that we take care of your or our own home.

We are family

Human Capital is our most important asset.

Cleaning is more than house chores like making the bed, dusting, and vacuuming. It is also organizing and taking care of the house. And a house is more than furniture, windows or a kitchen, it is a home. Therefore, our staff has years of experience and is totally trustworthy so, in return, their wellbeing is the pillar in the anita’s maid family. 

We aim at stable and developed teams, which is why we are committed to ongoing training through specific programs and group events. 

Join the anita’s maid family

As Sir Richard Brandon says:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Do you want to be a part of our family?

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